Matato’a is from Rapa Nui on Easter Island, Chile. Matato’a means “the watchful eye of the warrior” and they are the most famous musical & dance group from Rapa Nui. And Rapa Nui is the most isolated island in the world, lost in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Rapa Nui is famous for its giant & enigmatic stones known as the Moai. Matato’a is a family group formed in 1996 with the initiative of Kevamatato’a Atan. The principal motivation for Matato’a is to promote the ancestral traditions, dances, costumes, body paintings of their home on Rapa Nui. Matato’a uses the perfect fusion of modern & traditional instruments including stones, horse jaws & bombo. These instruments give a variety of different music & song styles that include Polynesian, Reggae, Latino & Rock. Matato’a also mixes their style with their modern & tradition costumes on stage. Matoto’a impress, attract & lead dances during each of their shows. You can find out more about Matato’a by visiting their personal website. Matato’a will tour in Hawaii and Europe in the fall of 2006


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