Hawaiinawa is a exciting new CD release from beloved Hawaiian musician Teresa Bright. This new concept CD was inspired by the Japanese love for the Hawaiian culture, music and hula. Hawiinawa also draws in the recent popularity of Okinawan music among Japan’s younger generation. Hawaiinawa brings these two cultures together and entwines Okinawan music with the sweet gentle language and sounds of Hawai’i. Hawaii and Okinawa have so many similiarities. They are island that were once independent kingdoms, rule by ancient chiefs who were overthrown by other nations. Okinawa and Hawaii also share two seasons, winter and summer and the same temperatures through the year. This is a unique and captivating collection of music and the cultures that is recorded in the Hawaiian language and arranged with the the Kiho’alu (slack key) tunings. It is all all flavored with the vocal style of Teresa Bright.


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